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Lumina Jones just wants to be noticed—whether by her diner-operating parents, by talent scouts, or by her high school crush. But before she can get into Julliard, she receives an acceptance to a school she never applied to.

It turns out that Lumina is descended from a long line of princesses—not the royal kind, but a supernatural kind known for adventuring, dragon riding, and magic through song. Magic Princess Academy invites Lumina to spend four years under its instruction, where she will have to navigate a school filled with princesses, magic, and dragons to pass her final exams.

Unnecessary Cruelty

The Chronicles of Narnia meets Lord of the Flies when a group of desperate millennials inherit a world. In another realm, sometimes the most dangerous people are the ones you came in with.


When marine biologist Emma Jones accidentally discovers treasure while diving in Martha’s Vineyard Sound, she is totally stoked. Not because pirates or science, but because now maybe she can pay off her student loans. But when it turns out that the treasure is actually evidence of an underwater society, the Cottle family—one of the island’s oldest—is willing to bribe, steal, and murder to keep her from revealing their secret: They are descended from monsters living under the waves. Monsters that still exist.

When one such monster drags Emma off an Edgartown dock, Ahab Cottle dives to her rescue. Of the Cottles, he is the black sheep, ostracized and hunted as a threat since childhood. For him, the world Emma has just entered is a channel well charted. He wants the Cottles stopped, and he knows how to fight them.

But teaming up with lone fish-monster Ahab isn’t easy, and the evidence Emma uncovered at the bottom of the Sound—the evidence that the Cottles stole from her—was long-lost instructions on how to raise an unspeakable army.

On top of having to navigate the waters of a supernatural romance, Emma and Ahab must stop his family—from hurting Emma, and from raising a monstrous weapon from the deep.